Nail File - 102174
Description:Handy nail file with both fine and coarse filing surfaces. It is presented in a sleeve for storage when not in use.Colours:White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Black.Product dimensions:W 20mm x L 163mm x 5mm.Available branding options:Pad Print...
Wooden Body Brush - 121408
Description:Handy body manufactured from wood with sisal bristles and woven cotton strap. Wood is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding.Colours:Natural.Product dimensions:Brush: Dia 98mm x H 34mm.Available branding options:Laser Engraving : 74mm x...
Bamboo Hair Brush - 120897
Description:Handy hairbrush manufactured from bamboo with rubber bristles. Bamboo is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in grain pattern, colour, and branding.Colours:Natural.Product dimensions:L 246mm x W 83mm x 35mm.Available branding options:Pad Print : 55mm x 55mm. | 65mm x...
Essence Compact Mirror - 120243
Description:Compact mirror with a hinged cover and black PU exterior. Essence features two mirrors with one being a magnification mirror.Colours:Black.Product dimensions:Dia 72mm x 10mm.Available branding options:Pad Print : 50mm circle.Direct Digital : 60mm circleThird Branding Method : Not AvailableFourth Branding...
Pembroke Toiletry Bag - 116688
Description:Medium-sized toiletry bag which is manufactured from 230D PVC. Pembroke features a smooth zippered closure and leather-look tabs.Colours:Navy, Black.Product dimensions:L 170mm x W 96mm x Gusset 76mm.Available branding options:Screen Print : 130mm x 50mm (one colour).Colourflex Transfer : 130mm x...
Compact Brush with Mirror - 200210
Description:Foldable plastic hairbrush with a mirror which is perfect for travel and everyday use.Colours:White, Black.Product dimensions:Dia 73mm x H 27mm.Available branding options:Pad Print : 40mm circle.Direct Digital : 40mm circle.Third Branding Method : Not AvailableFourth Branding Method : Not AvailablePackaging:Loose...
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Knox Toiletry Bag - 117635
Description:Lightweight toiletry bag with a two-tone heather style fabric finish and plenty of storage. It is manufactured from 300D polyester with a 210D polyester lining. Knox features a Velcro closure, two zippered mesh pockets and a zippered main compartment with...
Hair Detangler - 126683
Description:This compact hair detangler is made from durable ABS plastic and features flexible bristles that glide through naturally straight and curly hair types to remove any knots.Colours:WhiteProduct dimensions:L 90mm x W 68mm x 44.5mmAvailable branding options:Pad Print : 35mm x...
Salon Travel Soap - 126566
Description:Individually wrapped travel soap with a light vanilla fragrance. The compact size makes it perfect for travel or for use in hotels and the hospitality industry. The soap is sealed with an ingredients label.Colours:WhiteProduct dimensions:Dia 46mm x 12mmAvailable branding options:Pad...
NATURA Bamboo Brush and Mirror - 125992
Description:Folding hairbrush made using natural bamboo, perfect for travel and everyday use. The brush features a magnetic mirror attachment with an indented lip for easy opening and is presented in natural packaging with NATURA branding.Colours:NaturalProduct dimensions:Folding Brush & Mirror: Dia...
Luxe Handheld Massager - 126340
Description:Expertly designed to relieve muscle tension and soreness, this deluxe handheld massager is perfect for gym-goers, athletes, or anyone dealing with achy muscles. Featuring four interchangeable massage heads to tackle different muscle groups, the massager has three levels of gear...
NATURA Pedicure Tool - 125988
Description:Versatile 4-in-1 pedicure tool with a natural bamboo handle. The tool includes a foot brush, a pumice stone, a file and a callous remover to provide excellent foot care. The tool has a rope handle to hang in the shower...
Travel Tissues - 124160
Description:Pack of ten 3-ply tissues made from bamboo pulp in a handy kraft cardboard box, perfect for travelling or commuting.Colours:NaturalProduct dimensions:L 74mm x W 53mm x 28mmAvailable branding options:Digital Packaging Print : Front - 40mm x 40mm | Back -...
Cork Manicure Set - 124159
Description:Handy six-piece stainless steel manicure set in a padded cork pouch. The pouch features a secure dome closure and smart matching stitching.Colours:NaturalProduct dimensions:L 106mm x W 63mm x 23mmAvailable branding options:Pad Print : 35mm x 45mm (one colour)Second Branding Method...
Bliss Bath Salts - 121929
Description:200g of relaxing vanilla-scented bath salts, presented in a stylish jar with a natural cork lid and a dispensing wooden spoon.Colours:ClearProduct dimensions:Jar: Dia 67mm x H 114mm x 84mmAvailable branding options:Pad Print : Jar - 45mm x 30mmDigital Label :...
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Kraft Lip Balm - 121927
Description:Lightly vanilla-scented lip balm in a twist-action, kraft cardboard tube. An ingredients label is on the base.Colours:NaturalProduct dimensions:Dia 21mm x 97mmAvailable branding options:Pad Print : 40mm x 12mmScreen Print : 40mm x 40mmThird Branding Method : Not AvailableFourth Branding Method...
Bamboo Lip Balm - 122953
Description:Lightly vanilla-scented lip balm in a twist-action, natural bamboo case. An ingredients label is on the base.Colours:Matte Silver/NaturalProduct dimensions:Dia 21mm x 77mmAvailable branding options:Pad Print : Lid - 30mm x 12mmLaser Engraving : Lid - 30mm x 12mmScreen Print :...
Spa Bath Salt Set - 121926
Description:Set of four 30g tubes of relaxing bath salts in a kraft box with a window. The scents of each tube are pink/rose, blue/tea tree, purple/lavender and green/peppermint. Ingredients and information is printed on the back of the box.Colours:NaturalProduct dimensions:Salt...
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Lip Balm Tin - 121928
Description:Handy 15g vanilla-scented lip balm in a convenient travel tin with a secure screw on lid. An ingredients label is located on the base of the tin.Colours:SilverProduct dimensions:Dia 42mm x 18mmAvailable branding options:Direct Digital : 35mm circleSecond Branding Method :...
Soothe Bath Bomb - 121925
Description:Soothing 200g bath bomb with a gentle vanilla fragrance. The bath bomb is shrink-wrapped with an ingredients label on the base.Colours:WhiteProduct dimensions:Dia: 57mmAvailable branding options:Digital Label : 25mm circleSecond Branding Method : Not AvailableThird Branding Method : Not AvailableFourth Branding...
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Bamboo Nail File - 121721
Description:Handy Bamboo Nail File with black emery board which provides a coarse filing surface. Bamboo is a natural material and because the plant is fast growing, it places less demands on natural resources and produces a material that is durable...
Cork Compact Mirror - 121407
Description:Compact mirror with a hinged cover and natural cork exterior. It features two mirrors one normal, and one two times magnification. When cork is harvested only the outer bark is removed from the tree. This allows the tree to continue...
Bamboo Hair Comb - 120898
Description:Natural hair comb manufactured from bamboo. The hair comb has a double tooth option for maintaining both coarse and fine hair. Bamboo is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour, and branding.Colours:Natural.Product dimensions:L 170mm x...
Inti Travel Set - 120669
Description:Premium natural bamboo travel set which includes a hairbrush, a nail brush and an exfoliator in a cotton gift bag. Bamboo is a natural material which produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern colour.Colours:Natural.Product dimensions:W 158mm x H 188mm.Available branding...
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