NATURA Bamboo Wireless Fast Charging Hub - 126409
Description:Charge up to three devices at once using the 15W wireless charger with fast charging capability, which doubles as a conventional charging hub. The charging hub features a natural bamboo casing, and fast charging is easily enabled for compatible devices...
Megabyte USB Hub - 124144
Description:Convenient USB hub with three USB-A output ports and one Type-C output. Each USB-A output port provides up to 420MB/s data transfer speed and the Type-C output port provides up to 5GB/s. The Type-C input cable comes with a USB-A...
Bamboo USB Hub - 120615
Description:Rectangular USB hub made from natural bamboo. The hub features two ports and a USB 2.0 interface. Bamboo is a natural material that produces unavoidable variances in the grain pattern, colour and branding.Colours:Natural.Product dimensions:L 80mm x W 40mm x 19mm.Available...
Impulse Wireless Charging Hub - 112657
Description:5W phone charger with both wireless and conventional charging options that will charge most modern phones. Simply plug it into any USB port or a mains adapter and place the phone on it for convenient wireless charging. It also has...
Byte USB Hub - 112552
Description:Rectangular USB hub with four ports and a USB 2.0 interface.Colours:White.Product dimensions:L 76mm x W 40mm x 11mm (excludes cable).Available branding options:Pad Print : 30mm x 60mm.Direct Digital : 30mm x 60mm.Third Branding Method : Not AvailableFourth Branding Method :...
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